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The NJSL Lifelong Learning Department

The staff of the Lifelong Learning department provide consultant services and technical assistance to create, improve and strengthen library/ information and literacy services. The bureau's staff:

  • investigate actions and solutions to the increasingly complex challenges facing libraries in New Jersey;
  • coordinate resource sharing through the New Jersey Library Network, which includes:
  • LibraryLinkNJ, the statewide library cooperative, and
  • contracts with the state's premier research libraries such as Rutgers University, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and the Newark Public Library to provide specialized reference and interlibrary loan resources;
  • receive input from the library community through the statewide Library Network Review Board; generate and distribute information to librarians, governing officials and the public about library/information services
  • sponsor continuing education opportunities for library staff, public library directors and trustees;
  • publish the New Jersey Union List of Serials, a database -- used for interlibrary loan -- of journals and periodicals held by New Jersey libraries.

Please send comments, suggestions and questions on the department's services to: Kathi Moeller-Peiffer.