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Seniors and Baby Boomers

ALA's Outreach Resources for Services to Older Adults

From their Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS):

Free Webinars and Other Resources from the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and the National Legal Resource Center (NLRC)

According to its website, the NCLC "is a nonprofit advocacy organization that seeks to build economic security and family wealth for low-income and other economically disadvantaged Americans.  (They) promote access to quality financial services and protect family assets from unfair and exploitive transactions that wipe out resources and undermine self-sufficiency."  Their elder rights initiative, the National Elder Rights Training Project, is part of the National Legal Resource Center (NLRC), a collaboration of organizations sponsored by the Administration on Aging, and offers free webinars that can help you serve your library's aging customers, and their families and friends. You can learn how your customers may be affected by the end of Social Security paper checks when the transition to electronic payments kicks in for most of them by March 2013, frauds directed at seniors, services available to victims of elder abuse, the basics of VA benefits, and more.  The NCLC also has a selection of online brochures for older consumers about topics including reverse mortgages, credit cards, telephone and energy assistance, steps to take when your utilities are disconnected, identity theft and more. You may register for upcoming webinars or view archived sessions.

The NLRC is a collaboration of organizations sponsored by the Administration on Aging, Department of Health & Human Services, that provides "the aging and legal networks with easy access to a coordinated national legal assistance support system in order to strengthen legal assistance/elder rights efforts across the country." Their website offers resources related to older adults facing legal issues, elder abuse, bankruptcy, GLBT issues, housing and much more.

Attracting Baby Boomers to Volunteer Service AND Successful Volunteer Recruitment Strategies: Capturing the Talent of Baby Boomers and the Generations That Follow

Take a gander at the materials offered by these two webinars, both made available through Infopeople. They feature Carla Lehn, CA State Library, and highlight how libraries can "create meaningful volunteer jobs that will attract a broad range of community volunteers, especially Baby Boomers, and how to successfully keep them active and involved" and "tools, techniques, and models for volunteer engagement".

Available at these links you will find copies of the handouts, speaker's slides, a bibliography and examples of good volunteer opportunities for boomers.

Attracting Baby Boomers to Volunteer Service

Successful Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

AARP's links for finding local volunteer opportunities

Older Adults Demographics

American Householders are Getting Older - from the Census Bureau's Newsroom, 11/15/12

Baby Boomers Population Map - roll your mouse over your county to check out age demographics in your area. More information about the census and how to access info about your communities may be found here.

The Boomer Generation Conference

The New Jersey State Library in partnership with LibraryLinkNJ presented The Boomer Generation, a day-long conference about Baby Boomers and how they can help advocate for your library. The conference also identified programs and services that this generation will value.

The conference featured seven guest speakers who are nationally recognized experts in the fields of generational use of libraries, demographics and brain research.

  • Keynote: Understanding  Boomers: A Psycho-Demographic Overview  Matt Thornhill, Founder & President of the Boomer Project
  • Boomers and the Changing Economic Environment
    Dr. James Hughes, Dean of the J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University
  • Redefining Aging: Brain Research
    Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Clinical Neuropsychologist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • Re-Careering, Volunteerism & Libraries
    Stephen Ristau of PurposeWork
  • Panel: Innovative Library Responses Across the US
    Jane Salisbury, Multnomah County Library; Abigail Elder, Tualatin Public Library; Rebecca Bond, Tempe Connections. Moderated by Stephen Ristau.
  • How Libraries Can Respond
    Matt Thornhill, Founder & President of the Boomer Project

See attachments below for conference handouts and flyer.

Air New Jersey Foundation for Aging TV's show in your library

The NJ Foundation for Aging (NJFA) produces a half-hour TV show, Aging Insights, which is available for public access stations and broadcasted on about 50 stations more than 280 times per month.  The show provides resources for boomers, seniors and caregivers. Libraries may air the videos as part of their public programming.

Their programs are posted on NJFA's YouTube Channel and may be accessed by going to

You may want to show additional videos related to older adults and libraries - perhaps for your staff...or looping on a TV near your circulation desk...or to outside organizations serving seniors...or...

Libraries: Linking Seniors in a Digital World - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2:29 minutes)

Cyber-Seniors Documentary (working trailer - 2:35 minutes)  - "Cyber-Seniors is a character-driven documentary that explores the extraordinary journey of several elderly senior citizens as they discover the “magic” of the world-wide-web through the guidance of teenaged mentors." (from Cyber-Seniors About the Film).  See their Cyber-Seniors Corner (over 20 videos produced by seniors and teens who have helped them learn how to use computers).