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Urban Libraries

Complimentary webinar for Urban Library Council members

Link to podcast and handouts for library staff of ULC member libraries:

What makes a great library? Staff leading at all levels -- everyone owning the vision and the mission of the organization to make it real in their work.

How do leaders:

  • Rethink their work to meet the needs of the community?
  • Engage others in their work, creating partnerships that add value for everyone?
  • Develop a culture of innovation and change?

This dynamic webinar features Paula Singer, CEO of The Singer Group, who will share expertise on how the meaning and function of leadership is changing today. Successful leaders lead from both outside and inside their library; bench the strengths of their full library workforce, assist their staff to develop and tweak new influence-skills and empower their team to lead from any position.

Paula will be joined by leading ULC library directors for a discussion following her presentation.

New Jersey Urban Libraries: Challenges and Strategies for Change

From the Urban Libraries Section of the NJ Library Association, this paper created by NJ's urban libraries' leaders outlines issues faced by their libraries and communitiies, as well as their plans for addressing them.

The Library in the City: Changing Demands and a Challenging Future

This report, from the Pew Charitable Trusts, looks at challenges facing our urban libraries and analyzes operations at the Philadelphia Free Public Library while comparing it to 14 other urban library systems.

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